List of changes for future change log

Version 1.1.2

  • Sort Roles in Association Type Property Page
  • Using default name when creating a new name for a topic type in the domain model view instead of creating a new one
  • In Diagram Editor: Select role in context menu
  • Topic-types can be used as role-types
  • Onotoa opens file given as parameter ("onotoa filename.ono")
  • Onota uses workspace called ".onotoa" in user home.
  • Merged different export dialogs to one
  • Export uses tinyTiM 2.0.0, CTM-Writer and tmapix-mio
  • Onotoa provides a notpad to write down ideas for the schema
  • 5 Recent used files
  • Export/import remember last file and set dialog
  • lot of bugfixes (including UTF-8 problem in Windows)