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15:42 TMQL Bug #1364: Atomification
Lars Marius Garshol schrieb:
> That's true. Personally, I see no problem with that. The @scope shorthand works the ...
13:47 TMQL Feature #1361: Can variables have only one type?
Just to understand what you write:
1. You have provided exactly one use case - the ability to get a topic map frag...


14:33 TMQL Bug #1364: Atomification
What I don't like in this suggestion is that in the syntax you suggest, @/ value@ can be used everywhere. Which means...


14:50 TMQL Bug #1367: Axes in 2008-07-15 draft
Much of this discussion relate to other issues:
1. Atomify/value is related to Bug #1364 (atomification).
2. scope ...
14:19 TMQL Bug #1366: Add "GROUP BY" to SELECT expressions
We have had a need for GROUP BY in Toma in the past. So I think that GROUP BY is needed.
This also allows having mor...
14:11 TMQL Bug #1364: Atomification
If you ask for the value explicitly, you must put it everywhere:...
14:04 TMQL Bug #1365: Integration of association predicates in the language
The point here is quite straight forward: association predicate is not a path expression - they have no input from th...
13:37 TMQL Bug #1364: Atomification
In early versions of Toma, I had:...
13:18 TMQL Bug #1364: Atomification
I would like to see something like in Toma - which is automatic conversion to strings (I actually don't like that muc...
12:45 TMQL Bug #1363: What to do about the "characteristics" axis
1. _Characteristics_ is a new term when you look at the TMDM.
2. In TMDM, occurrences and names are separated. If t...

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