Sebastian Lippert

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  • Onotoa (Developer, 2009-09-23)


Reported issues: 12


17:05 Onotoa Bug #2801 (Closed): Wrong undo() methode in AddTopicRoleCommand
The junit test shows, that the undo() methode does not work correct. A player was set for the local RolePlayerConstra...


01:50 Onotoa Task #1465: Document domain view
* update and correction of some texts
* started to write export of schema section


00:59 Onotoa Task #1465 (Feedback): Document domain view
* tutorial complete
* started to update the handbook because of the Domain Diagram
for example:
# Section 2.3 Dom...


12:27 Onotoa Task #1465: Document domain view
* Begin copy / move feature


16:49 Onotoa Task #1465: Document domain view
* How to create a schema in the Domain Diagram is almost complete ( wait for an bugfix to finish)
* Updated some ima...


23:34 Onotoa Task #1465: Document domain view
Change the documentation.
Bug investigation.


13:20 Onotoa Bug #1544 (Closed): New Operator for "Is A" / "Kind of" relation generates Occurrence Type instea...
Creating a "Is A" or "Kind of" relation for a topic does not work correctly. I created a new Topic Type and went thro...
13:07 Onotoa Bug #1543 (Closed): Annotation values not editable
The key of an annotation is editable, but not its value.


19:17 Onotoa Bug #1532 (Closed): Numbers starting with '0' are valid cartinalities
Numbers starting with '0' like "007" are valid values for all cardinalities, but senseless in my opinion.
This may c...
19:15 Onotoa Bug #1531 (Closed): Seeing typed letters while changing cardinalities
I tried to modify the cardinality for a Name Constraint directly in its property page.
Onotoa did not accept my type...

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