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Reported issues: 9


12:50 TMCL Bug #2522 (Closed): 7 TMCL Constraint Types - Consistency of style
The style of the sub-clauses of 7 varies:
7.2 The tmcl:abstract-constraint provides a way...
7.3 The subject id...


23:29 TMCL Bug #2478 (Closed): tmdm:subject (second paragraph and note)
Now reads:
In order to support this (vague, what this?) even when topic maps do not contain the implied tmdm:type-...
23:25 TMCL Bug #2477 (Closed): 3.2 tmdm:subject (first paragraph)
As written with comments:
The topic tmdm:subject (err, in following note you call this a PSI. sorry, I don't see a...
23:17 TMCL Bug #2476 (Closed): Normative references (and citations in the text)
Note that ITTF commented on the "unique identifier" in CTM:
"As a minimum, unique identifiers and urls shall be de...


23:49 TMCL Bug #2465 (Closed): 3.1 (third paragraph)
Reads with comments:
The namespace prefix tmdm: is used throughout this International Standard in qnames as a shor...
23:38 TMCL Bug #2464 (Closed): 3.1 General (second paragraph)
Now reads:
Throughout this clause the defined phrases contain placeholders given as variables (written thus: v) in...
23:19 TMCL Bug #2463 (Rejected): 3.1 General (first paragraph)
With comments:
The TMCL validation rules are defined in English prose (and the other method of definition would be...
18:04 TMCL Bug #2461 (Closed): Scope
Comments in parentheses:
This International Standard defines a Topic Maps vocabulary for representing constraints ...
17:47 TMCL Bug #2460 (Closed): Introduction - Shifting use of "TMCL"
The second and third paragraphs of the Introduction are problematic.
Written with comments in parentheses:

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