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Reported issues: 2


22:09 SDShare Bug #3665: A rel= value for fragments?
Originally we did have a type in there for topicmapdata. I'll check with Marc why we took it out. I *think* we decide...
22:07 SDShare Bug #3670: The ID of fragment entries
Me neither. It might have been along the lines that the fragment id is not the topic id?
21:53 SDShare Bug #3676: 5.4.1 A clean start
Agreed, this text sucks.
It's currently only trying to say that you grab a snapshot merge it into the local map an...
21:50 SDShare Bug #3740: Why isn't sdshare:dependency an atom:link?
This is certainly nicer. Less extension elements etc. It comes down to how much pain do we cause by either removing t...
21:44 SDShare Bug #3707 (Rejected): Snapshot feed and sdshare:ServerSrcLocatorPrefix
Having established we do need it. My proposal is to leave it where it is.
21:41 SDShare Bug #3754: Impacts of sd:dependency unclear
The spec is not clear. Here is what it means :)
For each action you are about to perform wrt syncing a given colle...


08:36 SDShare Bug #3666 (Assigned): Terminology change
08:36 SDShare Bug #3665 (Assigned): A rel= value for fragments?
We need this.
08:34 SDShare Bug #3705: Fragment creation algorithm outdated
This was for XTM 1.0 and related model semantics. I am tempted to say we standardize on current tmdm and XTM 2.0
08:33 SDShare Feature #3697 (Assigned): A RELAX-NG schema for SDshare
Yes, we should do this.

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