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Reported issues: 106


16:05 SDShare Bug #3675 (Assigned): Fragment feed sizes
A proposed text adding ?since to the protocol can be found here:


08:41 SDShare Bug #4309 (New): Should the spec define the ordering of fragments?
If fragment links from feed are to historic state of topic map, fragments must be time-ordered. However, if fragment ...


20:10 SDShare Bug #4308 (New): How to tell if the fragment feed is complete?
When reading the fragment feed, how can we tell if there are older fragments that are discarded? and how can we tell ...
20:08 SDShare Feature #4307 (New): Paging of snapshots?
If snapshots get really big it's unlikely that clients will be able to really download a complete snapshot. Could we ...
20:07 SDShare Bug #4306 (New): RDF semantics cannot handle blank nodes
Not sure what to do about it.


09:32 CXTM Bug #4206 (New): Order by value or normalized value
The spec doesn't make it fully clear that ordering of occurrence items is supposed to be by normalized value, and not...


13:48 SDShare Bug #3667: Add TopicII and TopicSL elements
We've now added TopicSL and TopicII to the Ontopia SDshare implementation, since it was impossible to use it for real...


12:53 SDShare Bug #4013 (New): RDF fragment update algorithm
I don't understand the RDF fragment update algorithm in 5.5.2. It doesn't seem to be consistent with itself, either.
11:09 SDShare Bug #3675: Fragment feed sizes
I looked at the Web3 implementation, and see that it uses the "since" parameter. The format of the parameter seems to...


14:58 SDShare Feature #3681: A "push" form of the protocol
I've posted a proposal:

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